Berkshire Directory contained information for Berkshire County which covered areas like Ascot, Bracknell, Crowthorne, Datchet, Eearley, Finchampstead, Hungerford, Maidenhead, Newbury, Reading,  Slough, Windsor, Wokingham and other nearby areas.

This directory was very efficient in saving the amount of time it took to search for the information. To access the desired information around the site, the advance search was a handy tool to access information regarding Arts and Entertainment, Business and Economy, Education, Government, Guides and Directories, Health and Maps of Berkshire County. The site also provided the latest articles on science and environment, society, culture, transport, travel and tourism in Berkshire Country.

Berkshire Directory was maintained by a group of experts that continuously updated the data on their website.

It is now maintained by Montgomery & Associates LLC of Brentwood, TN. Montgomery & Associates is an insurance company that offers insurance quotes on life, auto, home insurance as well as quotes on just about any other type of personal insurance you can think of.

While no longer maintained by the previous group of experts, we know that the previous website’s data was retrieved quickly and accurately to the person making the query on the website. They had a system on indexing all the information and articles so that the most accurate answer was delivered.

They also had a team of experts focused only on filtering and sifting through all new listing submissions so that all those that did not qualify on the list would then be rejected. This process was a very clever system that made sure that the listings on the directory were all accurate and correct. The most recent listings that were approved on the site were from Walker Logistics, Reading Caravans, Pegasus Services International, Smile Rehab and Heart CMS.

Not all listings submitted on Berkshire Directory were guaranteed 100% approval of their submission. They also did not guarantee an increase in conversions, sales and traffic to the business it listed as soon as they are approved. They were not directly connected to the sales of the business but they were merely a tool in helping businesses to be found online.

The process to get listed was easy, and free. They had rules on who could and did not be qualified for the listing. They also had the right to refuse submissions especially those listings that contained pornographic materials, drugs and drug paraphernalia, guns, hacking, cracking and the like. Information were very much controlled and filtered well. Each submitted listing was verified before it was published online hence making it a very reliable and trustworthy resource to use.

Today local listing are very helpful for a business. Berkshire Directory would have been one of the pioneers on this industry. There are many directory listings out there but only a few of them are like Berkshire Directory that offered news and articles about their locality. Berkshire Directory would have been a very beneficial resource for tourists visiting Berkshire County, the people in Berkshire and for the the whole United Kingdom.

Popular directories today include Yelp, Yell, UK Phonebook but these directory listing are unlike Berkshire Directory. These directories only focused on the Business’ address and contact number.

It is a great loss that a very useful resource like Berkshire Directory is now inaccessible online. As more and more businesses discover the usefulness and benefits of signing up to local directories, I certainly hope one of those directories that these business would be able to sign-up to is Berkshire Directory since it already has a very good reputation online.

I know that a massive collection of information like this in Berkshire Business Directory would need a lot of man power and funding to operate. I certainly hope that this service would be up  and running again because this site has so much potential as the internet is still a growing industry. I would definitely love to see it grow together with the businesses it listed.

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