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Online Marketing Tips: Beyond Social Media

Beyond Social Media: Finding New Techniques For Online Marketing

In the past decade, the nature of marketing has changed. Responding to an ever-increasing percentage of the market who find out about products and purchase them online, companies have had to pivot in their marketing techniques in order to find new customers. While this has led to a lot of attention paid to social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, it has left other forms of marketing online barely touched. With that in mind, lets review a few places where you can better market yourself online to increase your brand awareness.

Making Full Use Of Blogs

A popular form of advertising your company online is to have a blog associated with your company. Whether it is directly tied to your company’s website or hosted separately, blogs will bring people in looking for the content you provide and allow opportunities for you to direct them towards your website. In addition, blogs are perfect when people are doing searches online as their queries may be pulled up in your blog posts as the first or second hit while your company and the competition are further down the list.

Making full use of your blog means turning it into a primary source of information for pretty much anything having to do with your industry or business. Providing information for free and putting your expertise out there through constant blog updates will help to keep it as close to #1 in search results as it can get. You can also have guest writers come on to do articles for you, ensuring a number of different articles, writing styles, and rich content types. With more and more search engine optimization moving towards 1,000 to 2,000 word articles, you can be sure that investing in the content and interest factor of your blog can go a long way.

As a final consideration, spend time reviewing and understanding your blog analytics. More likely than not, your blog will record all information about when people click on your link, where they go in your blog, and whether or not they follow any links to your main website. Use this information to plan blog posts, to plan possible ad campaigns, and to better understand the demographic that you are advertising to. With the proper setup, you will be amazed at what your blog can do for your company.

Utilize SEO Towards Marketing

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a means of increasing your brand recognition online by focusing on how your company and website connect with the places where people may be searching for your services. While SEO can often mean back end support, there are a range of marketing techniques that can be employed through SEO to help better advertise your company online. Known as search engine marketing. Taking a proactive approach, you can focus on local and non-local business. For example, if you have a physical location or cater primarily to a part of the country, you can focus on increasing local awareness of your business through things like third-party review sites. You can also focus on non-local advertising by designing direct advertisements that speak to people unfamiliar with your brand who fit into your ideal customer profile.

Being Aware Of Your Content’s Message

What are you saying when you post a blog post, when you release an ad campaign, or when you update your social media? More often than not, how we say something is just as important as what we are saying. Be aware of the content in your message and be aware of how it is displayed. Ask others to review your content and give you feedback on their first impressions.

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