Common Causes of Roof Leaks

Why is my roof still leaking? After the extreme winter season we just recently experienced right here in Cincinnati, it is most likely that you might awaken one morning as well as notice areas on your ceiling or water being available in with a ceiling fixture or follower, like the two pictures listed below. Maybe you have never ever experienced a roofing system leak prior to … so why currently?

Roofing system parts resemble any other part of your house. They wear out in time, specifically when subjected to the elements.

While there are several root causes of roofing leaks, I thought I would certainly focus on the leading two that I typically see this time around of year. The first cause is some sort of metal blinking breakdown as well as the other is rubber air vent boot failing. OK, I say sorry– let me specify those 2 terms.

Roofing System Flashing: Roof flashing is just thin sheets of aluminum or steel utilized in position to cover openings and also voids that shingles can not.

Vent Boot: Integrates roof blinking with a huge rubber collar that secures sticking out vent pipelines from the roof.

These two parts are specifically susceptible to storm damage and also direct exposure over time to the aspects. When they stop working, they permit water to go into the house, consequently destroying your drywall, insulation, mounting and often creating mold to grow. Making certain that these roof parts are maintained and/or repaired rapidly if they fall short, will certainly guarantee you prevent any type of roof leakages prior to they can damage your residence.

In the video as well as images connected at the bottom of this write-up, you will be able to see an example of blinking that has failed. Did you discover all the voids where water can get in? Throughout the winter, water cold and the subsequent growth of ice just broadens these paths, worsening the leakage. You can see aware where somebody has actually attempted to secure this blinking with mortar as well as caulk. While this image looks like a mess, it is really quickly repaired.

Additionally had in the blog site and video is a common instance of a failed vent boot. Notice the rubber collar surrounding the vent pipeline has cracked?

Oftentimes the rubber vent collar has degraded to the point you can really poke your finger with them. Consequently, water trips right down the pipe as well as into your house, since that collar is the only obstacle in between you and also the sky.

Do Not Disregard the Roof Covering Leakage

Roof leaks are like cancer– they do not usually improve with time. Acting rapidly can ensure you avoid a major residence fixing expense from the subsequent damages a roof covering leakage may trigger. Even better, aggressive upkeep to guarantee your roofing system flashing is effectively attached and also air vent books remain in functional condition will certainly spare you the suffering of getting up one morning and discovering water stains on the ceiling, as in the pictures over.

Roof Covering Drip Repair Tips

If you have actually experienced a roofing system leak, wait to repair the drywall damages up until you are certain the leakage has actually quit. There is no sense paying to have actually something taken care of twice! And lastly, if you haven’t had your roof covering examined just recently, welcome one of our artisans to take a look at it for you while he exists. It only takes a couple of mins and solving a minor problem currently can conserve you countless bucks in unexpected repair service costs in the future.

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